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A Scottsdale, Arizona law firm of experienced lawyers committed to vigorous and tenacious representation, customer service, attention to detail, creativity, and integrity.

Peace of Mind Through Diligent Professional Service

As explained in numerous actual client reviews, we treat our clients the way we would expect to be treated.

We promptly respond to emails and return phone calls.

Our attorneys and staff are efficient, flexible and responsive.  We recognize that each matter is unique. So our strategy and approach to each case is tailored to meet each client’s specific situation. We take the time to learn about your legal problem and listen to your input. We identify your goals and then work with you as a team to try to achieve them as efficiently as possible.

Our fees are fair and flexible. We work to give you quality and cost-effective service. Except in very rare cases, we charge $300 for an initial consultation, which typically lasts about one hour. Read more about our fees on our FAQ page.

We know that facing a legal dispute is a difficult, trying process. That is why we endeavor to give each client peace of mind. As part of our representation, we will consider your objectives, the different options available to try to achieve your objectives and the costs and benefits of each. Of course, we will involve you and keep you informed throughout the process.

We are ready, willing and able to go to court for you, if that is the option you choose. We are also experienced negotiators. With your direction and input, we will assist you in trying to settle your legal issue without litigation.

Please watch and read our actual client reviews to learn what others have to say about our representation and service.

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Learn How We Can Take Care of You

We have a team of experienced attorneys. Our founding shareholder, Kent Berk, worked in what was at the time Arizona’s second-largest law firm. He formed our firm almost 24 years ago, in April 1996.

The firm currently has six attorneys. After practicing in other law firms, Daphne Reaume joined the firm over 20 years ago and is a shareholder, Salim Shleef became a member of our team in February 2017, Dean Brekke joined us in April 2018, Gabrielle Freid joined the firm in December 2018, and Afsanieh Rassti joined us in February 2020.

Practice Areas

We have the experience, skill, and diversity to assist in a wide variety of legal matters.  We zealously strive to promptly and cost-effectively solve your legal problems. Please browse our services, give us a call, or view our video library to find out how we may be able to help you successfully and cost-effectively resolve your dispute or legal matter in Arizona.

Scottsdale Guardianship and Conservatorship Attorneys

Implementing and navigating an Arizona guardianship or conservatorship can be daunting. Such proceedings have the potential to deprive the ward (the person in need of protection) of his or her constitutional right to make their own decisions of where to live, medical care and other important issues. Understandably, the law has certain protections to ensure that someone is not deprived of their rights unless all legal requirements are satisfied.

Our Arizona attorneys regularly handle contested and uncontested guardianship and conservatorship matters. If you have any questions or need help filing, defending against or administering an guardianship or conservatorship matter in Arizona, please contact us today.

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Scottsdale Probate and Estate Lawyers

As an executor, personal representative and/or trustee, your loved ones have entrusted you with a great responsibility. Navigating the legal waters of probate, trust and estate law in Arizona, can involve complicated matters that should typically not be handled alone. At Berk Law Group, P.C., we understand the complications that can arise after the passing or incapacitation of a loved one, be it a spouse, parent, grandparent, or even a dear friend.

Our experienced estate and trust lawyers can provide you with a wide range of legal services, aiding you with matters such as disputes over wills, probate, trust and elder law, and inheritance. We assist fiduciaries, such as personal representatives and trustees, heirs and beneficiaries in virtually all types of Arizona probate, trust, estate and elder law matters.

Below are just a few of the specific probate, trust and estate legal matters that our firm handles:

If you have a probate or estate legal issue in Arizona, contact a team who understands and can actively respond to your needs. Reach out to us today.

Arizona Elder Law Attorneys

Our elderly friends, parents, and grandparents hold a special place in our lives. As members of the Silent Generation, or possibly even the Greatest (G.I.) Generation, they give us comfort, wisdom and advice based upon experience, and a window into our past. When they are not treated with the respect they deserve, it hurts us and our community. And when they are taken advantage of, that hurt often transforms into anger, frustration and confusion. This is where an Arizona elder law attorney can help.

At Berk Law Group, P.C., we believe the exploitation and abuse of the elderly happens far too often, sadly by those closest to the victim. This could be a family member, friend, or caregiver who greedily helps themselves to your loved one’s money, property, or assets.

We are thankful that, under Arizona law, this kind of behavior is not tolerated. Special protections are provided, potentially imposing severe penalties on those who take advantage of, abuse or neglect incapacitated or vulnerable adults.

Your loved one is not likely going to take legal action alone. It is up to you to take that step and get them the help and guidance they need. If your loved one is a victim of financial exploitation or physical abuse or neglect, or you need to defend against allegations of such misconduct, contact one of our experienced Scottsdale elder law attorneys today for help and guidance and to discuss the circumstances and ways that our firm may be able to help. We understand the available routes provided by Arizona elder law and can provide answers you can trust.

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Proud to Serve Scottsdale and All of Arizona

When selecting a law firm to help you and your family make the correct legal decision for your circumstances, what are you looking for in an attorney?

Our team of Scottsdale lawyers provide the personalization, accessibility, and creativity available in a small firm environment. We combine that with our many years of diverse experience. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, customer service, and dedicated representation. Please read our client testimonials to learn what our clients have to say about our firm.

We understand that your situation stretches beyond the legal realm, affecting your life or business, as well as the lives of those close to you. It is with this understanding that we approach our work, making sure that you are treated as a person—not just another file with a name on it, passed from one paralegal to the next.

If you are facing a legal matter in Scottsdale, Arizona, or anywhere within the state, contact an experienced attorney at Berk Law Group, P.C. We will apply our experience, vigorous work ethic, and dedication to service to your situation.

Request an appointment via the form on our website, or give our office a call today.

“If you are looking for…

efficiency and an attorney who will expedite the process Kent Berk can make it happen. Not playing defense and taking the offensive to the next level is his specialty. So if you are looking for someone not to give you reasons why not, this attorney gets results.”


“When one of my…

estate planning clients asks for a referral for a litigation attorney, Kent Berk is my #1 choice. Kent’s sharp, creative mind and tenacious spirit are impressive in the courtroom as well as in one-on-one discussions. He’s always well-prepared and ready to tackle any challenge.”


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