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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials - Berk & Moskowitz, P.C. Attorneys in Scottsdale, AZHere are some actual client reviews and comments about our representation and service. Of course, each case is different. Results in one matter do not necessarily indicate the results that may be achieved in any other matter.  You can read more reviews about our firm on our Google page,, or on Avvo.


JS Thank you for your diligent effort representing us in this awful lawsuit over the last four years. Although, in the term of this case, I wasn’t awarded all that I believe we deserved, I feel I was served by one of the finest law firms in Arizona. The high level of integrity, focus and interest in the handling of my matter, never waned in the four plus years this case spanned. Staff attorneys George Smith and Daphne Reaume, along with your support staff have always displayed a high level of professionalism, competence and caring while working on my case. I have a special thanks to you Kent, for your caring professionalism, guiding me through some difficult ups and downs this matter took us through. You never over stated the possible end results of adjudicating this matter, but did point to the strengths of our case and pursued them vigorously. In my mind Kent’s integrity and perseverance is a worthy model for young attorneys entering the legal profession.

RL I was pleased to seek the advice of Berk Law Group in helping an elderly relative. Mr. McKay and Mr. Berk have been gracious in their time to give helpful advise. After the initial consult to seek legal counsel, Mr. McKay stayed in communication with me to support my journey to pursue what could be done to protect my relative from financial exploitation. Both Mr. Berk and Mr. McKay are very passionate about helping the elderly be protected from those individuals who operate from a base of greed and power seeking to serve their wishes rather than the wishes of their loved one.

SB Kent has an innate ability to quickly grasp the message of the deal or “information” that you bring him and turn around the best method possible to get the best result for client. His integrity is beyond compare and I would highly recommend Kent.

JP A highly respected attorney referred me to Kent Berk for a family trust dispute and I will be forever grateful. Kent is a dispassionate advocate who exemplifies knowledge, integrity, honesty, sensitivity, and fairness. He thoroughly explained the pros and cons of the potential legal strategies and offered his professional opinion — but placed no pressure on me as to whether to forge ahead or call it quits. Fortunately, Kent’s keen litigation skills served me well in my battle with family greed and dishonesty. On the rare occasion when I needed to speak with him after hours, he never made me feel that I was imposing on his personal time. To the contrary, he was always responsive and efficient — highly respectful of my opinion and my time.

Charles W. Kent Berk recently acted as my attorney in an Estate Dispute after the death of a good friend who had left the stewardship of his estate in the hands of me and two other friends. A challenge to our testamentary authority to fulfill the terms of my friend’s Last Will and Testament was issued on grounds of Testamentary Capacity and Undue Influence. Mr. Berk and his office provided a knowledgeable, tenacious, and successful defense of our position, which was qualified by a degree of vulnerability. Importantly, he utilized a device (apparently unfamiliar to other both a University of California co-counsel and the adversarial attorney) that put our adversary in a position where he had something to lose in the case that he did not prevail; his lawsuit would not be a “free swing.” Kent and his staff were always available to me, clearly explaining my options along with the risks and benefits of particular strategic actions. His billing was fair and precise.

William Gibney, Esq. When one of my estate planning clients asks for a referral for a litigation attorney, Kent Berk is my #1 choice. Kent’s sharp, creative mind and tenacious spirit are impressive in the courtroom as well as in one-on-one discussions. He’s always well-prepared and ready to tackle any challenge.

Cheryl Parker Kent is a top-notch attorney with an outstanding commitment to excellence and integrity. As a litigator, he is incisive, thorough, and creative. As an advocate, Kent is a bull-dog. As a man, you won’t find a kinder, gentler, more compassionate person anywhere.

Matt Nino Kent is a super focused and knowledgeable attorney. He is true to his client’s mission and desired outcomes. A great listener when it comes to gathering information from his client and honest about the direction of the case he is working on. I would not hesitate to use Kent again for future legal needs.

Bob Iden I have had 4 occasions to use the services of Kent Berk. In all 4 cases the results have been very positive! Kent is a great guy and an extremely competent lawyer.

Deborah When my sister died I found myself in a really bad mess trying to Probate her Estate. The worst part was an ex-spouse who did not want to fulfill a Divorce (he wanted to just keep all her money. . .to “help” him raise the kids. . .that is, to support himself and thereby “help” raise the kids). If you are Divorced or concerned about making sure your children receive what is theirs and not a future spouse’s long after you’ve passed, you must meet with Kent. Kent is amazing in the courtroom and was able to cut through a lot of “smoke and mirrors” that the ex-spouse tried to use. He knows. . .really has that working knowledge. . .of how things happen in a Probate case. Lots of lawyers will “advise” you, and they will have never really worked a case based on their advice. I wish I had known Kent when the whole mess started, he would have saved me (probably more) $30,000.00 I gave to another firm. . .with NO real results. Kent ALWAYS had my back, he was always professional and really cared about how my case would affect me. (From

Derrill I have known Kent for almost 20 years and have utilized his legal services for roughly the same. My legal service needs have been varied, spanning corporate, real estate, personal injury and family law, and I have utilized various attorneys depending on scope and area of practice. However, all of my litigation needs have been handled exclusively by Kent and his team, and most notably in the areas of intellectual property, corporate and personal injury litigation, and with favorable outcomes in every case. I would trust no other attorney for such. Kent is not only highly experienced and knowledgeable, but he has an uncanny sense when it comes to the application of strategic planning and tactical execution. He is very thorough and misses no details in his planning. I can highly recommend Kent’s legal services without any reservation. (From

Steve If you are looking for efficiency and an attorney who will expedite the process Kent Berk can make it happen. Not playing defense and taking the offensive to the next level is his specialty. So if you are looking for someone not to give you reasons why not, this attorney gets results. (From

BD Kent is one of the “Brightest/Practical” legal minds I have come across in my 30 year corporate & business ownership career. Kent and his team are always available on short notice to jump in to solve business issues. Kent and his team are a must to have in your business tool box! (From

SF Been Doing business with Kent Berk for many years and his firm has always been efficient and expedient. They have saved us time and money. (From

DS I have had an overwhelmingly positive partnership with Mr. Berk and his firm. The staff is great, always easy to reach and always polite on the phone. I had an unbelievably difficult Probate case. My case dealt with Divorce, Death, Conservatorship, infighting in the family, conflicting Federal and State laws. . .just about every possible problem was presented and Kent handled them all with professionalism, passion and excellence (even when the “other guy’s” attorney, who is the culmination of EVERY lawyer joke you ever heard, was screaming at him in the Courthouse). Not only that, but he was efficient at what he did. While other attorney’s charged me tens of thousands and I had NO results, Kent was able to get results for me in less time (and therefore less cost). If you are dealing with a difficult Estate matter, I implore you to meet with Kent. I wish I had met him right away and I could have saved myself so much headache, heartache and money. (From

SA The Office of Berk Law Group has been at my side for more than eleven years. Their loyalty and dedication and legal services provided for me have been beyond what a client should expect from his attorney. I cannot cite one incident with Mr. Berk where he hasn’t given me at the least 110% of himself both emotionally and intellectually. Really, I would be in financial distress today if it weren’t for the fortitude,experience,talent, and cleverness of Mr. Kent Berk. Of course he has to make a living , but I promise you he is more valuable than his fees, I promise. (From

JL I was lucky enough to have had Mr. Kent Berk as my lawyer during my recent civil case. He was very professional and answered all my questions in a timely manner. He even took time to show up at a Licensing Board hearing that had nothing to do with the Lawsuit. He really listened to what I had to say and addressed my concerns about the case. He made me feel like a part of his family not just someone doing a service for me. I highly recommend this firm and would use them again if I needed to. He went above and beyond to make sure I knew where I needed to be, kept me up to date on new issues arising as it happened, always returned my phone calls, or had his staff do so if he was not available and his front office staff was very personable and professional. (From

MK Kent provided me with valuable, accurate advice regarding a somewhat sticky real estate matter. He took the time to review the relevant documents and other information, and then provided several options along with the pros and cons of each. He provided not only solid legal advice, but also provided meaningful practical guidance. His assistance provided me with what I needed to resolve the matter – and saved me time and money. I would use him again, and would sincerely recommend him for real estate and other legal matters in Arizona. (From

EP I have known Kent Berk for over ten years. He has represented me vigorously in a number of cases. He has always protected my interests. He is attentive to detail, he is creative and hard working. His fees are fair. I admire him for not giving up no matter how tenacious the opposing counsel is. Kent is a caring brilliant attorney. (From

KB Kent Berk is a brilliant attorney and legal advocate. He is incredibly responsive and attentive. He takes the time to listen and to explain matters of law as he deftly shapes legal strategy, even when it cuts into his evenings and weekends. He is articulate, well-spoken, and crafts persuasive arguments as a champion of your cause. Because he is focused and efficient, his services are as masterful as they are cost-effective. He makes obtaining justice affordable. Better yet, he’s all-in. He fights the good fight on your behalf. He has your back. He is the attorney I always hoped to find. I only wish I could have found him sooner! (From

HR My wife and I were unexpectedly served with a complaint late one Sunday evening requiring us to appear in court on the upcoming Thursday. We didn’t yet have an attorney, but a quick Google search led us to the Berk Law Group. I sent them a desperate email and to my surprise got an immediate reply at 11pm that same Sunday evening; we met with George Smith the following morning and we immediately felt more at ease. George handled the case professionally and with great care; he always was available and was in communication with us at all times throughout the process of our court appearance on short notice and subsequent settlement. He efficiently handled what started out as an overwhelming situation for us. And on top of all that, the firm was very fair with their price. We are so grateful to George and to the Berk Law Group for helping us through a very difficult time! We highly recommend them to anyone who asks us! (From

LL Kent Berk handled an old probate issue that was not correctly handled in the beginning. Kent was prompt, diligent and efficient in the handling of my case, and everything that was required to complete the probate was handled in an expert and timely way. He has great rapport with court personnel and is able to anticipate what their requirements are in a probate case, so we never appeared before the court without being fully prepared. I would highly recommend the Berk Law Group in an Arizona probate matter. The firm does an outstanding and professional job of representing clients in probate matters. (From


Being represented by Kent Berk of Berk Law Group for over a year now has been a continuous blessing in my life. From the initial contact with the firm, everyone in the office has treated me with the utmost respect, promptness, and professional courtesy. Kent’s representation has been aggressive and focused. He has helped me in matters pertaining to probate, real estate and business. He is very alert, direct, detailed and a creative problem solver which has helped on several occasions minimize expenses. Even his paralegal Joan negotiated & helped save expenses on a situation. When it comes to his clients though he is the most gentle, kind, empathetic and intuitive person. He is always very patient and listens attentively. He never judges either if I did not “get it” the 1st time around. His team there are genuinely caring & really take to heart what a person may be feeling and going through. They really make it a point to let me know that they are there 100% & has helped me through the most difficult time of my life.

Over time we get to know what people are all about & I have come to know of Kent and all his team that they are people of integrity. I call it “having the spirit of excellence”. He holds himself & his team to the highest standards. I’ve also known him to give back to his community in several different ways: from personal volunteer work, as well as his firm & his business AZ on the Rocks being major contributors in different community efforts, to his family starting & maintaining a charitable organization to help kids with special needs. To me, THAT speaks volumes about a person because it shows he really cares. It’s not just what he does but who he is as a person that sets him apart from others. I am so very grateful to have someone like him on my side.

If anyone out there is looking for serious, aggressive representation and genuine care in client relations then please consider the Berk Law Group to provide you with the service you are looking for. Their promise to provide “big firm experience with small firm flexibility” is exactly what you will experience and more! Thank you Kent & Berk Law Group! (From