What to expect at an initial consultation at Berk Law Group, Scottsdale, AZ

What are your fees?

Our fees depend on the type and nature of your matter. Except in rare cases, we charge $400 for an initial consultation, which typically lasts about one hour. Beyond the initial consultation, we offer flexible fee arrangements that can fit each client’s needs. Although we are open to discussing other arrangements, typically the possible fee arrangements include the following:

Hourly: the client simply pays us at our hourly rates – currently ranging from $250 to $475 per hour for the actual amount of time spent on the matter by the attorney. Depending on the matter, we may also assign tasks to one of our paralegals for which we typically charge $175 per hour. We typically require an advance against fees (commonly referred to as a “retainer”), the unused portion of which is refunded.  We bill in increments of one-tenth of one hour (6 minutes) and send you our detailed invoices monthly.

Flat fee: the client pays one pre-set amount for a given project.  The flat fee may or may not include costs, such as court filing fees.

For example, we regularly offer flat fees (usually no more than $4,000) to prepare and file the necessary paperwork for appointment of a personal representative, guardian and/or conservator and attend the initial uncontested hearing.  If the matter becomes contested or we are asked to assist with other tasks, we typically charge hourly for those services.

Contingency: we receive a percentage of any recovery (calculated before costs are deducted) and no fee if there is no recovery. Depending on the matter, the firm may advance costs (such as filing fees, deposition costs, expert witness fees).

Mixed/hybrid: We receive a reduced hourly fee or a flat fee, plus a reduced contingency fee.

Note: Costs are different and usually treated separate from fees. Costs may include court filing fees, expert witness charges and depositions, among other things. Unlike some law firms, we do not charge for postage, faxes and small copy jobs.

Please see our fees page for more information.

Why should I hire you?

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to efficiently resolve your estate, probate, trust, inheritance or property matter.

We are dedicated to providing aggressive advocacy and counsel. We provide quality customer service, integrity and dedication to your goals and efficiently solving your legal problems. We are a small, efficient firm that offers personalized service – one in which you won’t get lost, or pay for significant overhead. We take the time to understand the legal and business/economic aspects of your problem to arrive at a plan that makes sense for you. We promptly return phone calls and emails. We consult with and advise you along the way. For example, we typically send you copies of everything sent or received on your matter so you are kept fully informed. Unlike some firms, we do not charge for postage, faxes and small copy jobs.

Our fees are reasonable. We are open to flexible fee arrangements in appropriate cases, such as flat fees and contingency fees, where we receive a percentage of any recovery or savings, before any costs are deducted.

Additional FAQs:

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