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Scottsdale, AZ Elder Law Litigation and the Greatest Generation

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Greatest Generation elder lawThe survivors and veterans of World War II have been called the Greatest Generation for several decades now, a title earned by their enormous contributions during a period of global and cultural strife. The nation’s prosperity depends upon the sacrifices of the men and women in the U.S. military, but perhaps this generation’s hallmark has been the enthusiasm with which the group made sacrifices needed to win the war abroad.

How disheartening then to learn of situations where veterans of WWII have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals, like this story out of Tucson involving fraud and deceit of a once-trusted friend. The story is not uncommon. An elderly man is approached with a sad story of hardship that just so happens to be fixable with the savings of the old man. He gives his money to her willingly, but she has made the whole story up. She uses the money to buy herself and her family vehicles, plastic surgery, and other non-essentials that the elderly man did not agree to buy.

The Greatest Generation is now mostly in their 90’s according to some statistics. How sad then, to realize that some of these veterans and elderly have become the victims of elder abuse in their advanced age.

Social status does not factor into elder abuse, except for the vulnerability that all abuse victims feel. Unfortunately anyone from all walks of life, economic background, race, and gender can fall victim to elder abuse, neglect and financial exploitation. It is illegal, and the state of Arizona does not tolerate it.

Elder law litigation involves restitution for the aggrieved victim or the estate. By holding the abuser accountable, the victim’s financial status may restored. While the effects of being vulnerable may not be erased, it can still help the family restore some balance and financial status.

If you live in the Scottsdale area and believe that a family member could be a possible victim of elder abuse, neglect or financial misconduct or misappropriation of assets, please reach out to the Maricopa County Area Agency on Aging, the police, or the Adult Protective Services (APS)-Adult Abuse Hotline. If you need more information about elder law litigation in Arizona, want to pursue claims in probate Court to deal with these unfortunate circumstances or you have been wrongfully accused, please feel free to call and speak to one of the experienced attorneys in our office.

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