Mesa, Arizona, is a fantastic place for older adults to live and enjoy retirement. With so many great attractions in the area, including the Arizona Museum of Natural History, Dobson Ranch Golf Course, and the Mesa Amphitheatre, there is always something to see and do.

With the warm weather and thriving community, more and more seniors have moved into the Mesa area. Unfortunately, even in such a great city, some Arizona seniors, especially those that are vulnerable or incapacitated, may be at risk.

When vulnerable or disabled people are in need of help, they may be abused or taken advantage of by the very people who are suppose to be caring for them. Family, friends, and caregivers may help themselves to the vulnerable adult’s money, property, or assets, even if they have no inheritance coming.

When this happens to someone you care about in Mesa, it can be emotionally devastating. Fortunately, vulnerable adults have special protections under Arizona law, putting those who take advantage of vulnerable or incapacitated adults at risk of facing severe penalties.

If you believe your loved one is being taken advantage of in Mesa, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Arizona elder law attorney for help. Call or email Berk Law Group, P.C. today to begin discussing your options.