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Elder Law and Long-Term Care in Tempe, Arizona

Many people understand the importance of creating a retirement plan because it sets aside current assets for delayed gratification and anticipated needs in the future. An estate plan can function in a similar way, although its biggest benefits go to the family members, heirs, and beneficiaries of the estate.

Many of these same people have a difficult time imagining another type of planning – long-term care planning for the elder years.

You may wonder, “Does long-term care planning really matter?”

Long-term care planning matters because of how it works similarly to an insurance policy. An insurance policy essentially covers the unknown – we won’t know whether that insurance was “worth” the investment until it’s too late to pay for coverage.

Many well intentioned and otherwise well prepared individuals don’t see themselves as ever needing hospitalization, nursing home care, or other long-term medical care. As elder law attorneys handling matters in Tempe, Arizona and other Arizona cities, we have first hand knowledge of how often long-term medical care is really necessary.

A common misconception about aging is that most people won’t need long-term care at some point during their lives. In fact, according the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, long-term care is often needed. The most frequently cited populations include those of advanced age or the elderly, the disabled, those suffering with a chronic or life-threatening illness, women (by reason of living longer), and those living alone.

Some people forego long-term care in Tempe, AZ and throughout the state because of expense. Planning for long-term care can impact the bottom line, as insurance coverage costs more in the present. Considering the high cost of paying for long-term care out of pocket, however, the strategy of choosing to “wait and see” can injure more than a monthly budget. Long-term care can impact savings, retirement accounts, and assets intended to be passed down in an estate plan.

According to statistics gathered by the MetLife 2011 Market Survey of Long-Term Care Costs (and published by NPR) a semi-private room in a nursing home on average costs $183/day, and a completely private room runs an average of $223/day. The average monthly base rate for assisted living facility runs between $2,200 and $4,173 in Phoenix, AZ and between $2,400 and $3,700 in Tucson.

This is why planning ahead is essential and having a long-term care plan in place can ensure your loved ones in Arizona are taken care of in the future. Despite having the best of intentions, even the best long-term care plan can’t guarantee that there won’t be disputes. As elder law attorneys who regularly work to resolve disputes involving the elderly, Berk Law Group, PC sincerely believe that the safety, well-being, and care of our elders helps to make our state a safe and welcome place to retire. Taking care of our elders means caring for them during the twilight years of life.

If you have questions about elder law in Arizona, please reach out to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable staff and attorneys.