Our firm won the first reported decision in Arizona allowing a borrower to sue an appraiser that was hired by the lender. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling claims against appraisers on behalf of banks and borrowers and have been handling all types of real estate disputes for over 17 years.

We aggressively handle all types of appraiser malpractice claims, including errors in square footage, neighborhood delineation, characterization of subject property, comparable selection, reconciliation adjustments and more.

We can pursue appraisal malpractice claims involving all types of property – residential, commercial, industrial and raw land. Our attorneys are knowledgeable regarding the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), the primary standards for appraisers, and other regulations governing appraisers in Arizona.

We provide aggressive, thoughtful, efficient and tenacious representation in all types of real property appraisal malpractice claims.

Whether you are a bank or a private or institutional lender, if you believe that an appraiser has committed fraud or been negligent in connection with an appraisal of any type of real estate, contact us.

In order to bring a claim against an appraiser, certain standards must be met. To learn what must be proved in an appraiser negligence case, visit our Claim Elements Overview.