Of course, each dispute or situation is different. Here are some basic tips that generally apply if you are in a dispute or headed toward litigation.

What you SHOULD do:

  • Gather all governing documents such as a copy of the will, trust, including any amendments, exhibits and related documents.
  • Gather all other documents that are related to the dispute such as financial account records, notices, letters, invoices, notes and memoranda.
  • Make a list of all individuals (including addresses and phone numbers) that may have information related to the dispute.
  • Contact an attorney that practices in the area of your dispute.

What you SHOULD NOT do:

  • Communicate with the press.
  • Give or sign any written statement.
  • Discuss the dispute with the opposing side or their lawyer.

Each case is different. Depending upon your dispute, there may be other or different activities that should (or should not) be undertaken. You should always consult a lawyer to determine exactly what is appropriate given the specific circumstances of your matter.

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