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23 Mile Buckskin Gulch Hike

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Lest any of our friends or clients think that all we do is go to court, take depositions and sit in the office talking on the phone or doing research and writing, we decided to share the video of our epic hike of Wire Pass, Buckskin Gulch and Paria River.  Our attorneys Kent Berk, George Smith and Justin McKay completed the 23+ miles in about 10 hours on June 12, 2016.  It was awesome!  Around every corner was another unique and beautiful scene, each created by nature.

Buckskin Gulch is apparently the longest slot canyon in the world.  The canyon is unique because of the length and depth of its ever changing narrows. The narrows extend uninterrupted for nearly 15 miles.  Some of the canyon walls extend up to 500 feet.  A trip through the dark, narrow canyon is an unforgettable experience. Watch our video to get a sense of the magnitude and awe inspiring natural beauty of this amazing (and very long) hike.

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